Enchanted Forest Workshops

Design your Enchanted Forest

Join us in a fun and creative workshop where you can design and invent your own wonderful imaginary forest and the help us design one too. All the brilliant design ideas will help us to create the first Creative Play installation at our new venue, The Hullabaloo, which will be opening in December.


I wonder….

What if you were creating an enchanted forest? What would your forest look like? Would you have real trees or ones that look like purple broccoli?

What would it sound like? What would it feel like when you touch it? Would it be soft and furry or cold and wet? When you take deep breath, what would it smell like? What would it taste like?

Who would live in it? Would you have a bird made from wispy clouds or shiny metal? What gizmos would you invent? Would you have different seasons? How would it change?

Join us to design a magical enchanted forest with a little help from a piece of paper, some paints, a few pencils and some enchanted objects.


The workshops are suitable for children aged 6 – 11 years and will combine drama games and exercises with drawing and painting, so please come in messy clothes and trainers.

Workshops are free, however we do ask that people make a donation to The Hullabaloo if they are able. (you can do this at each session)

The workshops will be facilitated by Theatre Hullabaloo’s Creative Producer, Miranda Thain, and our lead artist Roma Patel. Parents are encouraged to leave their children for the duration of the session, but if you or child would prefer that you stayed to observe, you are very welcome to do so.

Location: Northlands Methodist Church, North Road, Darlington


Tuesday 29th August 1pm – 4pm


Wednesday 30th August 10.30am – 3pm (please bring a packed lunch to this session)

How to book:

Please email info@theatrehullabaloo.org.uk with the following information:

  • which session you would like to book
  • parent / carer contact details including emergency contact details
  • age of the child
  • any allergies or access requirements. Please also let us know if your child has any medical conditions you would like us to be aware of.
  • If we have permission for the child to be photographed / videoed




    Please note that there are 18 spaces available per session. Prior booking is essential.