Theatre Hullabaloo Experience for Families

Come and join in on the fun… 

Theatre Hullabaloo believes that going to the theatre should be an important part of everybody’s childhood and attending one of our shows is a great family activity that will create fantastic memories for young and old.

We are the North East’s specialist producer of theatre for children and young people and we are proud to make shows which are specifically developed to ensure that they are appropriate for the developmental stage of the target audience. We are funded to create work of the highest quality that families can enjoy together and which will support children in their social and emotional development.

“The best thing about going to the theatre is going with my Gran when my Dad is at work. Sometimes it’s really funny or sad and a bit magical, but the best thing is talking about it afterwards and doing the colouring in”
Alesha, 6, ARC Stockton


The theatre space is for you…  

In all performances for younger children, we provide a quiet space to exit the performance if it all becomes a bit much and welcome children back into the space when they are ready. All our performers are experienced and sensitive to audiences of younger children whose responses will be appropriately supported as part of the show.


Relaxed Performances

Theatre Hullabaloo always offer a number of ‘Relaxed Performances’ as part of each tour where we maintain some light in the theatre and ensure the performance is gentler, so that children with specific needs such as autism can feel more comfortable.