Our Reach and Impact

What our work has achieved….

“I’ve been here before. This is the place where magic happens”
Audience member, Aged 5, Darlington

Theatre Hullabaloo reaches more than 15,000 children and young people every year with high quality theatre experiences that inspire their imaginations, challenge their minds and extend their learning. Our work is heavily subsidised by a range of partners and funders so that we can ensure that access to high quality arts experiences are available to all children and young people, particularly those in the most deprived areas of the North East.

“Engagement with the arts from an early age has a profound impact on improving happiness and wellbeing…”
(Ref: Arts Council England : Children and Young People and the National Portfolio)

We are particularly passionate about the impact of creativity in early years where its effect on the development of cognitive and social skills amongst very young children is well evidenced. We now know that those early experiences have a physical impact on brain development and the life chances of those children. Creativity in early years, from birth to 6 years old in particular, is an art form strength of Theatre Hullabaloo and the TakeOff Festival and we want to bring these opportunities to children and families who will benefit most.

Funders help us expand our work to reach more children and young people in areas of greatest need and provide subsidy and support for families on limited incomes to take part.

We are proud to be supported by funders, sponsors and business investors to make a difference to children in their communities.