Seeing a Theatre Hullabaloo Show at a Venue

What to expect…

Going to the theatre with the school can be a special experience for young people, but it can also be nerve-wracking for teachers as trips can be expensive and so a quality experience is important. Theatre Hullabaloo produces work of high quality that has been made through our child-centred approach to ensure that students have an excellent experience that is suitable for their target age.

“We were very happy with the night, and loved seeing many happy children and families attend”
Pelton Community Centre

We provide learning resources to accompany each show that include pre and post-show lesson plans so that you are able to prepare your class before their visit.

Sometimes we are also able to offer post show activities to enhance your visit.

For schools travelling to TakeOff Festival shows or some of our other special regional events, we offer a special ticket price and we organise your bus, risk assessment and meet you at the venue.