Theatre Firsts

Do you remember your first time?


We’re proud to be responsible for lots of “Theatre Firsts” and know how important they are. Whether you are 2, 32 or 82, going to the theatre for the first time is often something that you remember forever and we love welcoming children and their families to make special memories together. Some of our favourite Theatre Firsts are from parents or grandparents who missed out on going to the theatre when they were small and are enjoying discovering these experiences with their little ones. If you could share this memory along with a photo of yourself or child enjoying their first theatre experience, even better!

At Theatre Hullabaloo, we believe that going to the theatre for the first time is an important thing to do and should be part of everyone’s childhood.

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Amelia who came to see Luna. Amelia has won our Luna goody bag and this will be sent out shortly.  A massive Thank You to all that sent in #theatrefirsts pictures!

Tell the world how important Theatre Firsts can be!