Little Wonders: Solar Chimes

A constellation of copper chimes hanging from trees creating a new take on the classic wind chime

Solar Chimes is a Theatre Hullabaloo Little Wonders commission for Hullabaloo in the Park.

A constellation of copper chimes which hang from the branches of trees are played by small vibrating motors powered directly by the sun via solar panels, creating a new take on the classic wind chime. 

 Designed to connect directly with the environment in the present moment, they only sound when there is sufficient light and the amount of light changes how they sound.  

Look up into the trees to notice the dappled light, birds singing and leaves rustling…

12-25 July (excluding 13-14 July) South Park Darlington
These copper chimes will be hung in trees for you to explore as you visit Hullabaloo in the Park

About the artist

Artist based in rural West Yorkshire working experimentally with sound, music and sculpture.

Chris combines musical instrument design, sculpture and mechanics to create compositions and installations.  Inspired by his love for the countryside he lives in, he hopes to encourage nature connectedness. Like ripples on water or the wind through trees, his work is aleatoric and organic: patterned but chaotic, responsive but uncontrollable.