For schools

Our work with schools

Theatre Hullabaloo works with teachers across the North East to bring high quality theatre into schools to support learning and emotional and social development.

Advisory teachers help us in the development of shows and learning resources and we carry out lots of development workshops in local schools. We also support schools to achieve ArtsMark and to deliver the Arts Award.

Why work with Theatre Hullabaloo?

There’s a whole host of reasons

Theatre Hullabaloo is the North East’s specialist producer of theatre for children and young people and we are funded by Arts Council England to create work that tours to theatres and schools. We have an established reputation as one of the UK’s leading companies of its type and work with specialist creative teams, which often include advisory teachers or child development experts, who ensure that the work we make is suited to its target age range.

“The children were enthralled, it really grabbed their attention and appealed to their imagination.”

Durham University Day Nursey

As well as touring our own shows and workshops into schools, we also support schools to access other brilliant children’s theatre in the region through our TakeOff Festival where we offer integrated travel and ticket offers to ensure that smaller rural schools are able to access cultural opportunities.

All our shows are supported by comprehensive learning resources which include pre and post show lesson plans and are developed with our advisory teachers to ensure our visit is properly integrated into the National Curriculum.

Theatre Hullabaloo works closely with a number of partner schools with whom we develop new work and support a creative curriculum.

We also support schools to deliver Artsmark and Arts Award.

Book a trip to see a show

Going to the theatre with the school can be a special experience for young people, but it can also be nerve-wracking for teachers as trips can be expensive and so a quality experience is important. Theatre Hullabaloo produces work of high quality that has been made through our child centred approach to ensure that students have an excellent experience that is suitable for their target age.

“We were very happy with the night, and loved seeing many happy children and families attend.”

Pelton Community Centre

We provide learning resources to accompany each show that include pre and post-show lesson plans so that you are able to prepare your class before their visit. Sometimes we are also able to offer post show activities to enhance your visit.