Something to….festive crafts

Get crafty at home with these 'how to' videos

Some adult supervision may be required for each activity and we would love to see your creations, please tag us on our social media pages or email us at info@theatrehullabaloo.org.uk

Something to…decorate
hanging decorations

Artist Elaine Robertson shows us how to make some brilliant twirly hanging decorations for your home

Something to….send
festive cards 

Author and illustrator, Liz Million, shows us how to create some fun festive cards to send to your loved ones.
Colouring sheets from Liz Million are in the links below for you to download.

Something to….gift
Photo frames

Artist Nicola shows us how to make fun photo frames to gift to your loved ones this festive season

Something to…gift
Jingle sticks

Make some fun jingle sticks at home, the perfect prop for carol singing!

Something to…Play
3D Christmas Tree
3D Reindeer
Penguin Skittles 

Artist Pui Lee shows us how to make a 3D Christmas Tree, a 3D Reindeer and some fun penguin skittles!
Templates are available from the download section below.

Something to…Eat
Festive Biscuits

Why not bake some festive biscuits at home?
Artist Laura and Chief Decorator, Matilda, bake some yummy festive treats
You can download the recipe card below.

Meet the stars

Video Stars

Elaine Robertson

Elaine is an artist and stand up comedian based in Gateshead. She recently graduated The University of Oxford (Ruskin School of Art) in 2018 and is the Founder / Co-Director of Conny Art Festival in Consett, County Durham

Liz Million

Liz Million is a fantastically funny and lively illustrator and author of children’s books that loves to get creative. She claims to be able to draw any animal in the world and will gladly show you how to draw them skateboarding or break dancing!

Liz likes to think that she has THE best job in the world. When she isn’t painting and writing books in her studio in Darlington, she spends a lot of time travelling the world talking to eager children in amazing schools, libraries and museums. Liz has created some lovely drawing sheets and a cool craft video especially for Theatre Hullabaloo this Christmas.

Nicola Cowley

Hi I’m Nicola and I’m the artist behind my small business @pegcreations based in North East of England.  I have a moving pop up shop, online shop and also provides a wide range of workshops that incorporates creativity and ecological awareness by using the 3 R’s: reduce waste, reuse resources, and recycle materials.

Pui Lee

Based in Gateshead, Pui Lee is a visual artist working in 2D and 3D artforms including drawing, printmaking and craft! She loves to play with materials (-like paper and cardboard!), experiment and above all, to creative problem-solve.

Her mission in life is to “empower others through creativity!” and she loves to help people of all ages get creative too! Over the years, Pui Lee has also exhibited and sold work both nationally and internationally; and she is also a dedicated martial artist outside of the studio too!

Laura Connolly

Hi, I’m Laura – musician, dancer and early years practitioner.

I love music, dancing, making up songs and I have been delivering music sessions all over the North East for over 15 years. In that time, delivering sessions for Sage Gateshead, Sightlines Initiative, English Folk Dance and Song Society, South Tyneside Adult and Community Learning and even Cbeebies!

As my maternity leave was coming to an end, I decided to set up my own preschool music business creating Little and Loud in February 2018.

I absolutely love the excitement and challenges that come with running my own classes, it’s so rewarding to be doing it on my own and I’m having such a great time meeting lots of lovely littlies with their grown-ups!

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