Luna Cast Q&A – Jack Lloyd

17 Dec ’18

Jack, who plays Billy in Luna, tells us a little bit more about the character he plays and his favourite part of the show...

Tell us a little bit about the character you play

Billy is 4 years old and his best friend is Pig. He likes to plays games when he should be asleep!

What is your favourite part of Luna?

Flying into Space and landing on the moon. Because who doesn’t want to go to the moon?

Billy has a favourite toy, Pig. What was/is your favourite toy?

My super soaker, it was great in water fights.

What message would you like the children to take away from coming to see Luna?

That we can make friends with anyone even if we are different. Billy makes friends with Luna even though he can’t speak moon language.

What was your first theatre experience as  a child?

A spooky Halloween show in my local park, I went as a vampire.