Baba Yaga Cast Spotlight – ‘Boy’

24 Mar ’22

Discover who the wonderful cast of Baba Yaga are why they're excited to be part of the show.

Introducing Duncan Cameron who plays ‘Boy’ in Baba Yaga:

Duncan Cameron is a performer and theatre maker from Canada who, after winning gold and silver medals in national tournaments of the Canadian Improv Games, went to study at international theatre school Ecole Philippe Gaulier, in Paris.

Specializing in clown, bouffon, mime, street theatre and cabaret, he has worked in performances internationally with companies such as Stufish, A Ship of Fools, Little Soldiers Productions, Action Transport Theatre, Ramshacklicious, The Invisible Circus, Stuff and Nonsense, Tmesis, as well as his own company based in Liverpool, Teatro Pomodoro, known for their award winning show “Cabaret From The Shadows” and more recently “Peep Show – Battle Royale”.

His other interests include playing piano accordion, harmonica, occasionally the bagpipes and he has a keen interest in Mexican Wrestling.
Duncan strives to create exciting new work for audiences around the world and he hopes you enjoy this one!


What is your role in the production of Baba Yaga?

I am one of the two actors in the show. I play the character of BOY. This isn’t the character’s real name, but it’s not the name that counts in this show, it’s the story!


What does that mean in terms of your contribution to the show?

As an actor I need to learn all the lines in the script. Then I need to remember how the director (Nina Hajiyianni) wants me to say the lines, and what actions I do while I’m saying them. During rehearsals I sometimes get to play around with different versions of my text or a scene for Nina to see what looks better!

When we perform it to audiences, I have to do it the same every time.


What is your favourite part of the show?

I like all the parts where we use our imagination to create objects and other characters. I always like stories that make me use my imagination.


What do you hope audiences will experience when they come to see the show?

I hope audiences get so wrapped up in the story that they forget about themselves for a while. Then at the end, I hope they have some questions or conversations about what happened in the story.


Why do you think this is an important story for children and families now?

I think it will be interesting to see what people take away from this story. I believe there are a lot of elements in the show that families can talk about and relate to other things happening in the world.

Baba Yaga has been produced by Theatre Hullabaloo and Action Transport Theatre – for more information and to book tickets please click here.