Dreamland: Neurodiverse Friendly Individual Sessions

As part of our commitment to try and meet the needs of all children, we are pleased to offer bookable slots for Creative Play for children and families with neurodiverse conditions.

We’re offering families (where at least 1 child in the family has a neurodiverse condition) the chance to have an exclusive session in our Dreamland Creative Play space. The session can also be adapted, so this might mean that the lights and sound are lowered or that some of the sound effect are more predictable. It might just mean that the session includes groups of people who are familiar, so you can investigate the space in your own time.

A Hullabaloo Host will be on hand at all times to support you in the space. Please note that The Hullabaloo and our café will not be open to the general public during this time.

You can book online or call the Box Office on 10325 405405. We will then contact you prior to your booking to discuss your upcoming visit.

Dates and times:
Thursday 28th September
2.15pm / 2.50pm / 3.45pm / 4.25pm

Saturday 21st October
2.25pm / 2.50pm / 3.25pm / 4pm

Duration: 30 minutes

If you’d like any more information or have some questions, please call our friendly team on 01325 405680.

We hope to see you soon!