Bouncing Bug with artist Morwenna Catt

Immerse your little ones in the whimsical world of Bouncing Bug!

Join Morwenna as she helps your child bring an imaginary bug to life. With cards, patterned papers, and a touch of glitter, kids will craft charming insect characters that dance around the festival on elastic. Whether a bossy beetle or a lazy ladybird, each creation will come to life through cutting, folding, stacking and sticking. This workshop promises a blend of creativity and eco-friendly fun.

Dates and times: 
Saturday 29th July
10.30am, 1.30pm & 3pm

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Child £5
Adults are free but MUST book a ticket.
Additional children are £3.50 

Both adult and child are welcome to make their own creations.