Early Weaves

Early Weaves is a magical, dance-theatre performance, created by early years dance and clown specialists Ascension Dance Company.   

Saturday 27 July & Sunday 28 July 2024
For ages 1-4 years, 40 minutes,
Free, no need to book

Early Weaves delighted audiences at Hullabaloo in the Park in 2023 and we’re excited to welcome the show back in 2024!

In this non-verbal show which merges dance, music and clowning, you will follow a heartfelt tale of friendship through the ancient craft of willow. Two characters navigate their world, discovering the joy of trust and inspiring magical moments and laughter.

With a strong focus on sustainability, Early Weaves invites the young audience into a circle where everyone gets to play. A gentle engagement with the world, one willow branch at a time.