Hulla-ween Trick or Treat Silent Disco

Join us for two hours of Hulla-ween activities at The Hullabaloo!

Hulla-ween at The Hullabaloo!

A jam-packed two hours featuring a silent disco, storytelling and crafts!

Thursday 28 October 6pm – 8pm
Friday 29 October 1pm – 3pm 

Tickets: £7 each / Group Ticket £24 (4 people, min 1 adult)

More information will be sent to you prior to the event but we ask that you sign up for a silent disco session on arrival to The Hullabaloo

Craft activities, a break in the café and a visit to Dreamland will be in your two hours and don’t need to be pre-booked. However please note there is a limited number allowed into Dreamland (10 people at any one time) so if you’d like to discuss a time to visit, see our staff member in that space when you arrive. 

Silent disco

The silent disco will take place in our theatre space that will have black curtains and trees around the edge, Everyone will have their own set of over the ear headphones. These will be ready to collect from Theatre Hullabaloo at the doors to the theatre space where the disco activity will take place. There is no deposit taken but we will need to collect a name and contact number in order to loan these out. 

On the headphones there is a button to allow the listener to listen to Channel 1 or Channel 2. There is a volume control on the headset but we will limit the maximum volume to keep it at a safe level. It won’t be possible to exceed this volume level. 

A dancer will be in the space encouraging people to copy the ‘spooky dance moves’