Lullaby – Sonic Cradle creates a restful, tranquil and immersive musical experience with interactive visual effects that will delight 0-5 year old’s and their grown-ups.

Lullaby – Sonic Cradle, is a restuful and tranquil immersive experience and a perfect chillout for families with younger children. Inspired by the songs Indian women sing to their babies whilst working in the fields, Lullaby – Sonic Cradle is a semi-improvised, unique performance that combines live music, vocal and instruments with a technologically-driven soundscape linked to a visual display that ‘dances’ to the changing rhythms, pitches and volume of the performance.

Tickets: £10 adult / £7 child. Adult tickets when purchased with a child ticket will reduce to £7. Family Ticket £24 (4 people min 1 adult)