An original story about friendship created by Andy Manley, Gill Robertson and Annie Wood

Who is Martha?

Martha lives by the sea…

Martha lives alone…

Martha doesn’t need anyone…

She is stubborn, eccentric and highly independent.

Who are Martha’s friends?

Not her next door neighbour.

Not her helpful postman.

Nor her secret admirer from across the bay.

One day Martha has an unexpected visitor and her life will never be the same again.

Family Ticket: Save £4 on the purchase of 4 tickets. Must include a minimum of one adult.

Babe in arms: For productions that are not created for or aimed at babies we offer a free babes in arms ticket for those under 12 months old. A ticket is still required and is subject to availability. Please call the Box Office on 01325 405 405


“Borrow a child if you dont already have one and the delight will come at seeing the world through their eyes ”

The List

“Martha, a giggle-inducing, ultimately poignant lesson in the power of friendship.”

The New York Times

“A heart-warming tale about friensdhip and trust”

Glasgow Evening News

Cast and Creative Team


Isabelle Joss


Chris Alexander

Postie / Goose

Creative Team

Gill Robertson

Director / Co-creator

Annie Wood

Original Direction / Co-creator

Andy Manley


Karen Tennent