Snow (SNÖ)

The snow creaks and squeaks. The ice is cracking. The animals move across the landscape.

Snow (Snö) is a dance and puppetry performance, inspired by the Sápmi landscape. The sami language has 200 words for snow: melted snow, flying snow, sticky snow, hard snow, icy snow and more.

Thanks to a collaboration with Dans i Nord, a dance company based in the north of Sweeden, Tittut has drawn inspiration from the magnificent mountain landscape full of rich wildlife. Through dance and puppets, the Sami mountain world is shaped.

Dates and times:
Thursday 2nd November
11am & 1.30pm

Friday 3rd November
11am & 1.30pm

Saturday 4th November
11am & 1.30pm

Duration: 40 minutes

Adult £7 / Child £7
Adult and Babe in Arms (under 12 months) £7
Group ticket £24 (4people, min 1 child) – offer applied at checkout.

“Snow really offers a magical, scenic mountain poetry. ”

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