Do you squish or squash, tickle or most certainly not, handshake or hug, stretch out or snuggle in like a bug?

Squidge is a fun interactive dance performance with live music and digital projection, which takes a light-hearted look at our sense of touch and how it influences our everyday lives.

At the heart of the show is a tale of friendship, compromise and how each and every one of us need touch to make us feel alive!

A shared experience for children aged 3 to 8 years and their grown-ups. Get to explore magical light-up boxes, full of exciting textures for little hands which will delight and tickle your senses.

Ticket: £7/group ticket £24 (4 people, minimum 1 adult)

Performance dates and times:

Friday 29th April – 10am and 1.30pm

Saturday 30th April – 11am and 2pm

Duration: 50 mins

Friday 29th April

Squidgy Fun

Ooooo. Is it a solid or a liquid? Come and explore Oobleck (a natural substance made from cornflower and water). Aprons will be provided, as this interactive activity might get a bit messy! Suitable for all ages.

In the café between 10am and 2pm Friday 29 April. No pre-booking required. Please remember that, as a charity, we rely on donations from the public to ensure activities such as this remain free.