The Bug Hotel

The Bug Hotel by HurlyBurly Theatre is a mini musical adventure for little ones aged 0-2.

Set in a stunning multisensory tent. The show is inspired by the wonders of UK’s vibrant insect life right beneath our feet. With gentle guitar tunes and singing, kids will dance with Stag Beetles, fly with Tiger Moths, frolic with Glow Worms, and laugh along with Woolly Bear Caterpillars. The Bug Hotel is both a fun-filled family experience and also a playful celebration of nature’s tiny wonders, making it a perfect first step into the magical world of theatre for your tots.

This show is mostly singing in various languages so will be suitable for audiences who have English as a second language.

Dates and times:
Wednesday 26th July
10am / 11am / 12pm / 1.30pm / 2.30pm / 3.30pm

Duration: 30 minutes

Adult £5 / Child £5