Elswyth’s Shed Unwrapped (Where are you, Perilieu?)

It's just a shed. Or is it? Doors yawn and stretch open. Windows sigh and unwind. A washing line wiggles and uncurls. A chimney shakes and shimmies up to the sky...

Watch as the shed unfolds and the secret life of Elswyth Eri and her quest to find the Perilieu tumbles out and all around. This playful, interactive performance is a chance to meet Elswyth Eri on one of the few days she isn’t deep undercover amongst the trees. She’ll tell tales of her adventures, invite you to explore her unique inventions and fill you with so much magic and mystery you’ll leave with a quest of our own!

About the Artist

Libellule Theatre is a playful, curious and inventive company creating intimate, meaningful and accessible experiences with and for children and their grown-ups led by artist Louise Clark. Through their invitations to build, explore, and share in original stories, Libellule’s mission is to inspire wonder, imagination and creativity in children, families and educators.

As a socially engaged company, made of experienced artists all grown in the North of England, we place collaboration at the top of our to-do list. Through opening our storymaking journey to all; artists and audiences alike, we can ask big questions and discover different lenses through which to see and understand the world around us.

Dates and times:
Saturday 29th July
1.30pm / 2.45pm / 4pm

Duration: 30 minutes

Adult £5 / Child £5
Adult and Babe in Arms (under 12 months) £5