A man attempts to make the perfect cup of tea. It’s a delicate and obsessively ordered process. You may yourself become addicted, or never want to see another cup of tea again. Either way, you’ll laugh out loud.

A manipulator of everyday objects – with a meticulous character, with a delicate and outrageously neat and tidy nature – finds himself at the crossroads between object theatre, miniature circus and involuntary clowning.

VU is a delicate, wordless show about the small obsessions of life. Those seemingly trivial fixations which, when fed by excessive attention to detail, can slowly but surely become unhealthy all-consuming manias which cause us to lose our minds completely. A man makes a cup of tea and eats a sweet. What can be more normal that that?

Please note that this show is only available during TakeOff Festival on our routes for delegates.