Luna Cast Q&A – Emily Atkinson

21 Dec ’18

Emily Atkinson, the musician in Luna, tells us more about her favourite part of the show...

Tell us a bit about the character you play

I play all the music in Luna that Luna and Billy sing along to!

What is your favourite part of Luna?

When Luna & Billy go into space! I feel like I’m taking off with them and the lights are amazing!

Billy has a favourite toy, Pig. What was / is your favourite toy?

My favourite toy is Patch the Giraffe… we have been friends for 13 years now!

What message would you like the children to take away from coming to see Luna?

Luna and Billy are very different from each other. Luna likes to sleep on hard surfaces and Billy likes soft blankets but Luna, Billy and Pig become best of friends in the end. If someone is different to you, they might be your Luna.  Animals are our friends too!

What was your first theatre experience as a child?

I saw Oliver Twist and thought it was amazing!