Luna Cast Q&A – Pig

23 Dec ’18

The fantastic Pig tells us a little more about Luna...

Tell us a little bit about the character you play

I play the part of Pig, Billy’s best friend in the story. Pig is Billy’s favourite toy and they go everywhere together. Billy and Pig’s favourite thing is going on missions and Billy often makes up songs about the adventures they’ve had.

Although I don’t say very much in the show, Pig is the most important character and, although I do find touring quite tiring, I love meeting my fans after the show every day.

What is your favourite part of Luna?

I think my favourite part of the show is at the end, when Billy and Luna come back from space and Billy apologises for forgetting to take Pig on the adventure. We touch noses so that everyone knows that we are friends again.

What was/is your favourite toy?

When I was a piglet, my favourite toy was a rubber duck called Elsie – we used to have mud baths together!

What message would you like the children to take away from coming to see Luna?

I hope that all the children who come to see Luna think about how important it is to have friends to have adventures with.

What was your first theatre experience?

I first went to the theatre with my family when I was just a little piglet to see Babe, which showed me how magical the theatre can be. After completing my training at HAMDA, I made my stage debut in the greatest title role ever written – Hamlet.